May 2018

The highlight of this past month was our Mission Conference. We were honoured and privileged to have Pastor Srim (Restricted Country) and Pastor Charles San Juan (Taiwan) to be with us. As with all our past mission conferences, our folks had a glimpse of the challenges and blessings of these missionaries in their unique fields. Pastor Srim had to labour discretely to get the gospel out, slowly but surely, to the folks in his harvest fields. Bro Charles works with the Filipinos and the locals in Taiwan. We are privileged to hear how these men of God were burdened and directed to their respective fields – every step to their intended works – and the people that God had used along the way to provide for their needs in miraculous ways. Both missionaries have conveyed their gratitude to the church for the love we have shown unto them and the gifts we had collected for them. The choir and the instrumentals did a great job to uplift the congregation in the conference. And so did the many other workers in the Audio-Visual and Food Department.


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