Evangelism is about having a zealous consciousness of and hence the burden for the multitude of lost souls in the world that we meet daily. It is about adopting a consistently earnest Christian attitude to reach out to lost souls; urgently desiring to share the Gospel with them so as to win them to Christ …we cannot save souls but can certainly win them for Christ.



This work of the church is in, and to the world. It is related especially to world evangelism, as this is the definite emphasis of the New Testament and in our ‘church age’. Missions referred almost exclusively to the proclamation of the gospel and to church planting just as the Apostles gave themselves wholly to evangelism and church planting. We send out our own missionaries as well as support many others sent out by other churches in Asia, Australia, and elsewhere in the world. Our objectives are to:

1. Keep an interested and caring eye on the missionaries’ work in their chosen fields of harvest. They are as one with us in their labour of winning souls and adding to the church daily.

2. Support and uphold missionaries in their prayer needs, and special/ad hoc/emergency/critical demands, both materially & financially that are brought to bear upon their work and family. We share their pains and joys in the Lord’s work.



Our Tracting Ministry plans the monthly delivery of tracts to all and sundry that we meet in selected housing locales. Our Tracting Ministry seeks to source, produce and maintain a good stock and variety of sound Biblical Gospel tracts and literature, conduct regular tracting activity in targeted vicinities, follow up on new and prospective believers, to lead them to our church, and to disciple (teach) them. We train and prepare our members in the approach and understanding of the dynamics of tracting, to encourage and nurture soul-winners to be faithful in evangelism as a primary commandment of the Christian life.



This ministry supplies and distributes evangelistic tracts, books, and materials through the print, audio, and video media. The ministry also introduces sound Christian literature of the following genres: Doctrine, Baptist distinctives, Christian living, Christian ethics, etc. Articles of interest, books and Bibles may be included. Other media resources such as audio and video are regularly sourced and posted to the website for information and education of visitors to the site.

Selected updates of tracts, and relevant materials and/or events are "shared" through our Facebook account for wider distribution by our members through friends and contacts, as well as through our past visitors.