June 2018

We welcome sis Noami and her children here with us - LoverJoy, JM and JR. Pastor Embao was an Associate Pastor in Shalom for about 2 years looking after the Filipino Ministry. As his church in Negros, Philippines, needed him, Pastor Embao left us to minister to his congregation. In the will of the Lord, which sometimes we cannot fathom, He seems fit to take him home to glory sometime in February this year. We miss him dearly but we know that he is now with the Lord appreciating his new life and freed from all his earthly toils and labors. And not just his family, but we too, missed him and loved him for all that he had done for the Lord’s people both here and in the Philippines. We are honored to have Mrs. Embao and her children with us this week and let us be around them and to be a blessing to them. Some of our folks will be taking them out while others will be having them for meals.


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